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Please note: the following prices are for real estate marketing images only. For all other work, please call for pricing.
Each shoot includes:
  • A large, high resolution set of interior & exterior images (suitable for printing flyers, etc.)
  • A smaller, low resolution set of images (suitable for internet use, eg. uploading to MLS)
Twilight shoot:
An elegant slide show that lets you show off the photos in a much larger size than you'd find on most real estate websites. It can also contain your portrait photograph, office name and logo, contact details, map with street view, local school info, flyer layout, etc. With a branded link you can add to your website and public home search websites (eg. Realtor.com) and an unbranded version (required by Sandicor MLS). The tour is also compatible with mobile devices including iPhone and iPad.

Tour viewing statistics are automatically e-mailed to you each week. This is an extremely useful tool, showing you how many times your tour has been viewed from week to week and where the viewers have found the tour. A huge help in knowing where to spend your marketing budget.

An available custom URL can also be added to the tour (eg. www.123mainstreet.com)

You can see an example of a tour by clicking on the image below, and an example of the statistics by clicking HERE.

Daylight shoot:
1501 - 2000 sq. ft.
2001 - 3000 sq. ft.
3001 - 4000 sq. ft.
Twilight is the time just after sunset when the light is most attractive, just before dark. This shoot is intended as an add-on to a regular daylight shoot, although it can be purchased separately.  At this time, the light is changing very quickly and allows for 2 - 4 photos before it's gone.
Separate shoot
Want to combine a daylight and twilight shoot for one visit? This involves arriving at the home 3 - 4 hours before sunset in order to photograph most of the home before twilight and staying till dark.
Single visit
(On top of daylight price)
Virtual tours:
$349  (usually 15 - 20 photos)
(usually 20 - 30 photos)
(usually 25 - 35 photos)
$529  (usually 30 - 40 photos)
Up to 1500 sq. ft.
For larger homes, shooting everything may provide you with more images than you need. So, to keep costs down, I offer alternate pricing.
4001 - 5000 sq. ft.
5001 - 6000 sq. ft.
6001 - 7000 sq. ft.
7001 - 8000 sq. ft.
$619  (or 25 photos for $509)
$729  (or 25 photos for $509)
               25 photos for $559
               25 photos for $559
Virtual tour
Custom URL (address)
Aerial images:
Images taken from the air can add a whole new perspective by showing a property in its surrounding, or showing the full expanse of a lot.
                                           3 - 5 photos
When combined with a regular shoot